Course Calendar

All code written in class available on GitHub.

  1. Web History and Theory Week One

    1. Tuesday, August 22

      1. Welcome & introductions
      2. Course policies & calendar
      3. Course technologies
      4. Web-standards history and theory

    Assigned Work

    • To Read

      1. Stolley, How to Design and Write Web Pages, 2nd ed. Chapters 1–5
      2. David Heinemeier Hansson, Finding your workbench muse
    • To Do

      1. As soon as possible: Submit COM 330/530 Contract and Survey (link in your inbox)
      2. As soon as possible: Create Basecamp account (invite will arrive after you submit the Contract and Survey)
      3. Sign up for a GitHub account
      4. Computer setup (Firefox Developer Edition,, Node.js, Git); follow these instructions
  2. Essential Languages: XHTML/HTML5, CSS, JavaScript; Version Control Week Two

    1. Tuesday, August 29

      1. Reading discussion and Q&A
      2. Introduce first project
      3. Working with the command-line interface (CLI)
      4. Working with plain text and version control (Git)
      5. Hands-on with XHTML/HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript

    Assigned Work

  3. Foundational Techniques: Semantic Structure; Mobile FirstWeek Three

    1. Tuesday, September 5

      1. Reading discussion and Q&A
      2. Walk through a web project setup
      3. Setting up Git remotes & SSH keys
      4. Theory and hands-on with foundational techniques (and lots of Mozilla Developer Network, MDN, documentation):

    Assigned Work

  4. CSS Foundations, Typographic Scales; Accessibility: General Principles, Touchscreens Week Four

    1. Tuesday, September 12

      1. Reading discussion and Q&A
      2. Foundational techniques in CSS:
      3. Accessibility: General principles, touchscreens
      4. Working with accessible image media in HTML5:

    Assigned Work

  5. Accessibility; Stylesheet Organization and Mobile-First Design Week Five

    1. Tuesday, September 19

      1. Introduce second project
      2. Reading discussion and Q&A
      3. Accessibility
      4. SMACSS-style organization for CSS
      5. Mobile-first design and media queries

    Assigned Work

  6. CSS: More Typographic Grids; Classic to Approaches Layout Week Six

    1. Tuesday, September 26

      1. More on typographic grids and vertical spacing
      2. Media queries and responsive layout techniques

    Assigned Work

  7. CSS: Grid Theory, Classic Approaches to Layout Week Seven

    1. Tuesday, October 3

      1. In-progress Project Two presentations (student volunteers)
      2. Grid composition and theory
      3. Old-school page layout with position and float
      4. Feature detection with Modernizr

    Assigned Work

  8. Feature Detection; Modern Approaches to Layout Week Eight

    1. Tuesday, October 10

      1. In-progress Project Two presentations (students TBD)
      2. Refresher: Feature detection with Modernizr
      3. CSS display: flex A Complete Guide
      4. CSS display: grid A Complete Guide
      5. Git LFS: setup and usage

    Assigned Work

  9. RWD Refresher; Responsive, Accessible MediaWeek Nine

    1. Tuesday, October 17

      1. In-progress Project Two presentations (students TBD)
      2. Refresher on RWD & media queries
      3. Responsive images: srcset and <picture>
      4. Responsive images polyfill: Picturefill.js
      5. Working with accessible non-text media in HTML5:
      6. Preprocessors (SASS)

    Assigned Work

    • To Read

      1. Stolley, Chapters 8 & 9; 22
    • To Do

      1. Finish project two; check your work against the project description
  10. JavaScript: A Fuller Introduction Week Ten

    1. Tuesday, October 24

      1. In-progress Project Two presentations (students TBD)
      2. Introduce project three
      3. Values and variables in JavaScript
      4. Collections: arrays and objects
      5. JSHint (Web)

    Assigned Work

    • To Read

      1. Haverbeke, Eloquent JavaScript, Introduction and chapters 1-6
    • To Do

      1. Project One due by 11:59pm CT on Thursday, October 26
      2. Start a new GitHub repository and begin working on additional copy, media, and a site architecture for Project Three
  11. Review and Catch-up Week Week Eleven

    1. Tuesday, October 31

      1. Remote meeting: review and general Q&A

    Assigned Work

    • To Do

      1. Continue work on Project Three
  12. Unobtrusive DOM Scripting: JavaScript + the Document Object Model; jQuery and Friends Week Twelve

    1. Tuesday, November 7

      1. npm global directory location
      2. Emergency HTML semantics and validation refresher
      3. Linting HTML with htmllint
      4. JavaScript control structures
      5. Functional & object-oriented programming styles
      6. Unobtrusive JavaScript with event listeners
      7. DOM-scripting libraries

    Assigned Work

  13. Web Typography: @font-face, Hosted Solutions Week Thirteen

    1. Tuesday, November 14

      1. Web fonts, FOUT, and font-stacks
      2. OpenType features and the limits of (some) free fonts
      3. Progressively-enhanced approaches to Web fonts, including Web Font Loader events

    Assigned Work

  14. Work Week Week Fourteen

    1. Tuesday, November 21

      1. No Class

    Assigned Work

    • To Do

      1. Work on final project and presentation
  15. Final Project Presentations Week Fifteen

    1. Tuesday, November 28

      1. Project presentations

    Assigned Work

    • To Do

      1. Finish Final Project; Due December 7, 11:59pm